About Me


Business Management

 I have developed B2B marketing strategies FROM SCRATCH with customer-centric science and apply them using tactical approaches for inbound and outbound lead generation and conversion optimization marketing mediums. Over $100MM worth B2B sales qualified leads on the sales pipeline in 6 quarters.

Running both lead generation and conversion optimization departments combined 11 teams in 7 countries with over 130 employees worldwide: 


Locations I have built marketing functions

  • USA 
  • China (Beijing)
  • Philippines (Manila)
  • India (Mumbai, Chennai)
  • Ukraine (Odessa)
  • Turkey (Ankara, Izmir)


Area of expertise

  • Organizational Physics 
  • Performance Marketing (Inbound)
  • Performance Marketing (outbound)
  • Forecast Analysis & Execution
  • Value Proposition
  • Mentoring